Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday night's alright, I guess

I mean, it's not that exciting when you're supposed to be reading Moby Dick. I feel like I should enjoy this book more than I do, because I feel like I'm going through the same thing Ishmael was in the first chapter. I'm v. burnt out though, which is bad considering how much work I have to do. I need to do more homework outside; I think that will help. Somehow. 

If anyone's interested,  I've got about one cup of that red cream soda left. It's definitely an experience for those willing to try it.

Krod Mandoon projects to be the worst program on Comedy Central since they gave Wanda Sykes a show. I'm ashamed that I even know the title.

I probably shouldn't listen to so much Sun Kil Moon. Or maybe I should. Either way, if you want to be destroyed, listen to "Carry Me Ohio."

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Lukas said...

I played "carry me ohio" yesterday morning and thought, "I hope Mike hears this." Also, I've had Red Cream soda before, and I agree, it's very pointless. I do love cream soda though. I'd take you up on that cup offer, but i'm just going to steal RJ's.