Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm v. disappointed in you people

My last post was probably the most astute observation made on this or any other blog in the past week, and none of you commented, not even to express your gratitude to me for pointing this out. V. disappointing. 

Luckily the rain-ocalypse is over, for now at least, and reading in the shade this morning was just what I needed. Starting homework on Friday makes me feel industrious instead of lame, mainly because I know that if I didn't start today I might as well drop out of school.

Almost all of my posts are about homework. I'm toying with changing my major, ever so slightly. I may or may not have v. exciting news in the near future.

And so on.


ae said...

too many "v."

Mike said...


Danny said...

as someone who "follows your blog" I feel obligated to "Leave a comment." Your observation on winn-dixie was "v" astute and impressed me greatly. I did things like "lol" and "rofl." I haven't posted in approx. 8 blog years, and for that I am sorry. Pls 4give me?

much love

Mike said...

Apology accepted, but don't let it happen again.