Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear readers

I'm sorry, that earlier post was somewhat rude; suffice to say that I made it about 30 seconds after finding out that my critical issues class had been cancelled, thus destroying my flawless schedule. It has since been fixed, somewhat, although there is now a strong chance that I don't take any philosophy courses next fall. Mostly because the philosophy department sucks. 

In other news, it's April and I just saw my breath, as my twitter friends already know. I'm about 200 pages behind in Moby-Dick. There was a guy in my Ethics class today that I'd never seen before. Today was review day, which last time lasted about 30 minutes. This kid clearly didn't do any of the reading, as he felt it necessary to ask about everything, including "What's an analytic proposition?" Oh, I dunno, something CENTRAL to ethical discussion that has only come up in every reading for the past five weeks. Thank you kid for extending the class needlessly, thereby making me wait longer to eat lunch. I was hungry, and therefore upset.

V. disappointing opening game for my Rays, but 161-1 isn't that bad. I think I'm getting sick. That actually is bad. 

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