Monday, April 20, 2009

Mail Call part deux

Dear friends,

We're getting older. Lukas will be 21 soon. Some of you need to think seriously about marriage. And fast, because weddings are fun and one of y'all needs to have one.

Just sayin',


Dear research class,

Sorry, my heart just isn't into it, so I'm pretty much mailing in this project for tomorrow. Just so you're not surprised.



Lukas said...

This continual series of blog posts reminds me a lot of Herzog, except you're... kind of sending the letters. Not to say I don't enjoy them -- I do. I think I'll re-read that this summer, along with the Pynchon and ATPH and hopefully a lot of others.

Mike said...

Was Herzog any good? Your first priority should be ATPH. I can't believe you haven't read that book yet.

Also, I'm only forty pages in, but I can already say that The Savage Detectives is something you need to read at some point, since I read those 40 pages in about 30 minutes today and only put it down because I realized it was 6:25.

Lemme know when you want to start Pynchon, bb.

Mike said...

But really, the point here is that someone needs to get married so we can have wedding parties. Fo' real.