Monday, February 23, 2009

Impossible Germany

I don't understand it, because when you get 4-5 hours of sleep, the next day should be absolutely terrible, but somehow today was an awesome day. I haven't collapsed yet, I got to play Phase 10 in my one-on-one, I'm feeling more confident about teaching my class in the fall, I got to have a conversation with someone that went really well, I don't have massive amounts of work tonight like I usually do, I started looking for journal articles for my research paper and am finding some awesome ones, and so on.

And my conference with Dominika went really well today and she said that with revision, some of my poems could make an acceptable portfolio for an advanced workshop, which is exciting because I've totally fallen head over heels in love with poetry and want to continue this.

So this was nice, and it reminds me why I love being so busy, because it's the only way to actually achieve things. It makes it worth it.


natasha said...

what class will you be teaching?

Mike said...

I'll be teaching a FIG colloquium, though I'm not sure which one yet. Hopefully the english lit one, but there's only one section of that so we'll see.