Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear reader

This blog sucks so far. It really does. I mean, other than that bitchin sweet picture at top, and my kickass name, this thing is basically worthless. My blogging style is generally convoluted and cryptic and full of references to things only I understand or think is funny, but some of these posts are just terrible, so I want to apologize for that. I'm going to try to blog better in the future. Also my layout sucks, other than the aforementioned parts.

To be a better person.
To be a better blogger.
To be a better citizen.

Yes we can.

Ok, I should really get started on that Spanish essay.


Zach said...

I love you.
and ur blog.
more meaningful posts.

Lukas said...

glad that you're blogging consistently! I saw you as a follower for awhile, but whenever I clicked your picture, all I saw was the bitchin' picture and name. Cool. That's all. Also, I kind of understand your stress. I'm not applying for anything with an acceptance of ten applicants, but... I an empathize a little bit.
love you.

Todderick said...

Yes we can.