Sunday, June 14, 2009

Over My Head

A few more updates:

-I think the Antlers' album is rivaling Grizzly Bear for best of the year.

-I'm completely addicted to Law and Order. Case in point, it came on last night at 11. I was already tired. I stayed up till 2 am watching it, then watched the end of Good Will Hunting.

-Speaking of which, I've decided that I want to marry Minnie Driver's character from that film. I figure I just call her up and be all, "Yo, want an acting gig? For the rest of your life?"

-I was at Starbucks tonight and a guy came over and gave me a napkin with his number on it. This marks the second time that something like this has happened recently, as I got a facebook message from someone I've never met before basically asking the same thing last week. Now, I have absolutely no problem with homosexuals whatsoever, but it makes me wonder: do I give off the impression that I'm gay? Or are these guys just naturally brazen and approach any guy regardless of his perceived sexuality? Because if it's the first one, this could explain why my love life has been such a train wreck. Also, I feel like I should text this kid and be like, "Yo, sorry dude." I mean, it just seems rude to ignore him, am I right here?


Daniel said...

-Amen. I's so excited to hear the remastered version frenchkiss is gonna put out. Can you imagine this album better!?

-my dad and I lost many hours of our lives last summer just watching Law & Order. Perfect for being home and having nothing better to do. After a while, he and I had memorized every commercial on A&E.

-Minnie Driver? pssh, Minnie Mouse!

-Major lolz. I don't think you wanna text him anything. You might look too interested. You should probably play hard to get.

Brittney said...

You should be really flattered! You have to be a serious cutie for a stranger to just walk up to you and give you their number. I honestly didn't think things like that actually happened in real life.

Don't text him back though, that's too much effort for someone who doesn't even like boys.

Lukas said...

that's a tough situation there... i mean, i'd be flattered, first of all. I don't think i'd worry about texting back... after a few days i think he'll get the point.