Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Dreams Escape Fire

Keeping with tradition, another update about my lessons: almost all of them are absolutely adorable this year, which is a nice change from bratty rich kids that I'm used to. Parents are an entirely different matter, as I'm convinced that most of them are marginally insane. I'm wondering if this is something that happens to all people when they have children, or only when they have children, rich husbands, no job, and large disposable incomes.

I ordered 2666 today because I needed an extra $15 to get free shipping on Amazon, and because it's $10 cheaper there than the list price, but also because I absolutely loved Savage Detectives, as you all are more than aware. It's something like 988 pages. Add this to Gravity's Rainbow and right there you have a summer reading list built on masochism.

I have a feeling my blackboard email isn't working. By that I mean I know there were emails sent to me that I have not received. This is very upsetting, because there's a chance that I should have heard back from a few different publications, who now think that I am snubbing them because I haven't responded. Things like this keep me up at night, even though it's far more likely that they just didn't send me anything in the first place.

My knees hurt today. No idea why. Perhaps I'm dying; pretty sure this is a symptom of bird flu (what up 2004 reference?).


David L said...

Sweet reference five!

Lukas said...

nice reference, dawg. what are the publications you emailed?!

Mike said...

Southeast Review, Florida Review, Mid-American Review (all for book reviews).