Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stereotypical post-spring break post

I'm not ready to be back in many ways, specifically in the "Oh god I didn't do anything over break, I'm going to fail my research project/poetry portfolio/Moby Dick test" sense of not ready to be back. And I miss everyone at home, that is, everyone being at home, because I guess other than Kait and Adam no one else is still there. But on the other hand, I love being up here and I'm excited to go to poetry (even though I destroyed Dominika's book and had to buy her a new one) and to write more and to apply for the research assistant position and of course to see everyone, because I missed them over break a lot.

I really need it to be warm, because I feel like this winter made my soul cold (I told you this post was going to be cliche and stereotypical). But really, I feel better in the warm sun, on the beach or on a boat in the inter-coastal. I'm not outside enough up here. It's not good for human beings to spend all their time in little cubbies and air conditioned encasings. For all my talk of loving winter and moving north, the south has really taken it's toll on me. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but then again I'm not sure there's much that's good or bad anymore. I'm finding that a lot of my life just exists and that there's no judgements to make about it: it just happens.

In two years I'm going to move away for good, or at least for 5 years, though I can't imagine going back home after grad school.

The song 'Two Weeks" is making me very happy right now though, and that's good.

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