Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ethical issues

I can't decide if I should order a new book for free from Amazon. I mean, the one they sent me came all curved and bent, and that bothers me, but on the other hand, it's totally superficial and I should probably just get over it and not waste more paper by having two copies of this book of poems by a poet I've never read before.

Help me, fellow bloggers (and friends from Twitter! Jump on it!)


Danny said...

a single book's worth of paper is not worth the moral hassle of wasting a tree, economically it will have no material impact. And by receiving a new book, you have one you can guiltlessly beat up and allow to get dirty - something cool to show the kids one day - and still have the pristine copy for your (future) library.

And a good copy is what you paid for, you might as well receive what you deserve for your hard-earned (or borrowed) cash.

Also, you'll have an extra copy to lend out incase the book of poems is phenomenal and you have the struggle of wanting others to read it, but the selfish desire to keep it to yourself as well! OR if it sucks, it can be given to charity as a tax write off later in life ;)

Lukas said...

I face the same dilemma a lot; I'd say if it's not something that you really care about, just keep it, and think of all the energy you'll save by not having it shipped back/having a new one shipped to you.
Also, in response to a few posts back- "Two Weeks" makes me so happy; one of the best songs of the year. Never fails to put me in a better mood.

Zach said...

get a new one.

Mike said...

Well, I flattened it out using my old desktop processor, so I'm just gonna take the extra money and buy more books.