Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm going through the process of decreasing my internet activity, especially in regards to social networking, in light of a fear of my dependence on it, a fear of my inability to process complex information due to the immediate and simple nature of internet discourse, and in part on this article, which confirms that my fears are shared: Reading

Twitter is gone forever. Bye Twitter.
This blog rarely enters my consciousness, so I may or may not leave it up just out of laziness.

The question is facebook, of course. It's used in so many different ways--it's connected to my job at the very least--that I feel I cannot quit fully. Refusing to login would be ridiculous and would also carry the threat of people trying to contact me and not being able to/feeling like I'm ignoring them. I'm not sure what that leaves me with other than my own willpower not to use facebook very often, and I'm not sure what that does.

We'll see what happens, but deactivating facebook sounds really nice recently.

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Lukas said...

I'm with you; I would love to deactivate facebook, but my job requires I be on it. And limiting it is extremely difficult, even though I know it's a very vacuous activity. agh.